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The Merits of Excel Integration With Salesforce Many enterprises are finding it important to adopt Salesforce Excel integration when the need to leverage the best aspects of the two disparate software platforms. The good news is that Salesforce Excel connection is not difficult to implement for your business to start taking advantage of integration right away. Below are some of the ways Excel integration with Salesforce can benefit your business: Convenience and Elimination of Wastefulness When you’ve installed both Salesforce and Excel in your system, using the two software solutions separately can be very tricky and wasteful. Connecting the two platform is logical as you’re primarily leveraging them to input, process , or view the same customer data. Thanks to integration, Salesforce and Excel share data–an extremely better and efficient way to process customer data.
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Salesforce Excel connection entails the deployment of a client application that brings the ability to move customer data from your Salesforce system without going through Salesforce itself. That improves the ability to efficiently manage data in a Salesforce system. You’re able to not only access Salesforce data from Excel, but also process it in any intended way.
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Mass Movement of Data Likewise, Excel integration with Salesforce introduces the capabilities to move customer data en masse–an extremely important data processing function. This removes the need to type data manually in Excel or Salesforce if it’s stored in one of the databases. Harmonized Data Updates Although Salesforce is a Customer Relations Management (CRM) platform, and Excel is spreadsheet software, you may the platforms integrated so that each data update effected in either platform is implemented in the other. For instance, you may process a query based on specific conditions to obtain a specific file in Excel, change the retrieved data, and have the changes effected automatically in Salesforce. Taking Advantage of Excel Features Integration makes it possible to utilize a wide spectrum of Excel functions to manipulate data stored in Salesforce. Because Excel is built for numerical data processing, it’s very useful when you want to execute mathematical computations on any appropriate Salesforce data. Additionally, synchronization with Salesforce introduces Excel features like reporting and analysis. Real Time Error Resolution An integrated Salesforce Excel system backs real time error handling. On-time data verification and the real-time conveyance of error messages are supported processes for the specific goal. Hence, all recognized errors may be resolved in real-time. A Secure System Any reliable Salesforce Excel integration application requires user authentication and authorization. This makes it impossible for the wrong person to access any part of the system. Typically, security passwords and usernames are assigned. Definitely, Excel integration with Salesforce is important to consider. Harmonizing the two systems is easy and it will help enhance the efficiency of handling Salesforce customer records.