What Father’s Day Gift Should You Go With This Year? Some Unusual Ideas

Fathers: the cornerstone of the family, strong, opinionated and hard-working. So, when the day rolls around to celebrate them, deep thought should be put into what gift they should receive. If they’re a business man, the natural inclination leans towards ties. But really, does he need another one? Gone are the days when soap on a rope was the end all, be all gift to bequeath Dad. Instead, a fathers day gift can take on many different shapes and sizes these days. Let your imagination run wild and read below to find some new, and perhaps unusual gifts.


If he’s been known to tilt back the glass, a bottle of his favorite whiskey, or even some moonshine might be a good idea. If you don’t already know his favorite brand, give mom a call; she’s sure to know. To make it a cool, theme gift, purchase some crystal glasses to go with it or a decanter. Maybe your pop is a wine drinker? Whether you go with a nice bottle of his favorite kind or a gift card to a mail order wine company, you can’t go wrong.


When Dad is more at home outside than in, you might do well to go with plaid shirts. However, these days outdoorsy can have a lot of different meanings. Is he the type who’d like a new helmet for his Harley? Or perhaps you could go with a new baseball glove? Dads are all over the place outside! So, cater to his whims. If his greatest past time, however, is just hanging out, gift him an over-sized hammock and then help him hang it.


Some dads are better in the kitchen than mom, and this should be encouraged! Gift him a new set of pans and lids, maybe even the new copper ones advertised on tv. Another idea is a new set of knives and a sharpener for them. This way he’ll be on the “cutting edge”—pun intended.

Whatever gift you decide on, include the receipt, just in case. Don’t take it personally if he returns it, or be pro-active and just give him a gift card. Either way, love is shown in the act of giving, not the gift itself.